Online Booking and Waitlist Automation Solution

Smart Waitlist App for your Business to Eliminate Physical Queues and Chaotic Waiting Lobbies

Simply define your services, allow users to book online, and get customers on time.

Conventional time-window bookings do not work in a dynamic Business where appointment delays and customer no-shows can affect performance. With KutQue App, you can share precise and automated wait estimates with your customers to ensure that they arrive on time.

How Does It Work

KutQue Features to help your Business

Virtual Waitlist to Eliminate Queues

Setup Virtual Waitlist

Setup your queues in minutes and
allow customers to book your service online from anywhere, anytime

Book and Wait Anywhere

Offer online booking and allow customers to wait anywhere and monitor real-time waitlist status.

Auto Fill No-Show Slots

Identify no-show customers in advance and fill that slot with the following customers in the queue

Send Alert Messages

Reach everyone in the queue at once and convey schedule changes or manage/cancel appointments

Greet Walk-In Customers

Add Walk-In customers to the Waitlist using KutQue Admin App OR let them scan the KutQue QR code

Collect Customer Info

Use customized forms to collect customer information when booking their appointments

Reach New Customers and Build Long Lasting Relationship

Facebook and Instagram

Reach new customers on Facebook
or Instagram and quickly integrate booking widgets on social media

Market on KutQue User App

KutQue User app allows providers to setup a profile and reach customers looking for related services

Easy Website Integration

Quickly add KutQue Widgets to your Website and start reaching your customers from your website.

Fewer Walkaways

Virtual Waitlist eliminates the chaotic waiting lobbies and fewer customer walkaways due to delay frustrations

Enable Multiple Locations

Setup multiple service queues at the same location or manage multiple locations in one App

Return Visit Reminder

Convert your new customers into recurring customers by setting return visit reminders

Improve Performance with Data

Plan Daily Operations

Use daily reports to identify your busy hours and plan your average wait time to serve per customers

Reduce Operation Bottleneck

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Less Wait is More Customers

Serve more customers in the same work hours by reducing the Give customers more time shopping

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We help all Businesses

KutQue supports Queue customization to adapt different Business needs.

Restaurants & Hotels

Hospitals & Clinics

Beauty & Salon

Retail Stores

University & Schools

Theme Park & Stadiums

Automotive Care

Customer Support

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